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Crawford County Republican Committee

The Crawford County Republican Central Committee gave me a warm welcome this evening. The committee was full of ideas and the energy to make progress. A big thank you goes out for the support and pledged future work. Great group of people….


Wabash County Farm Bureau

We enjoyed celebrating 100 years with the Wabash County Farm Bureau last night. Did you know that there are 75,000+ farmers in the state of Illinois and more than 90% of Illinois farms are still family farms? Farm Bureau is a dedicated resource for our farmers and our youth. Thank you Farm Bureau!


Jefferson County

It was a high of 21 degrees but that didn’t keep us from knocking doors and meeting people in Jefferson County again today… We are just 8 weeks from the Primary Election. If we haven’t met yet, I hope we do soon! #mattinmarch


Oldest Home In Mt. Vernon

A great new friend was made today in Mt.Vernon. Fern Frick was a true delight as she told about her home (the oldest home in Mt.Vernon), made jokes, and prayed over this campaign. She even sent along a treat to be shared with our team today. She said she “felt the nudge to make some fudge.” Meeting new people in this circuit has been a highlight, and Fern was no exception.  


Justice Overstreet

Justice Overstreet had a great show of support tonight at his reception. We were glad to be in attendance. I always enjoy seeing him and his wife on the campaign trail. It is vital for the State of Illinois that we elect judges with conservative values. He will make a great Supreme Court justice.


Wabash & White Counties

I’m a blessed man to have a wife that knows the importance of the need for honesty, impartiality, and conservative values in the justice system. While I was in court, Lisa was able to travel to Wabash and White Counties, delivering signs and meeting those in the community. I do have to admit that I am a bit jealous that she was able to play with baby goats today. 😂 #mattinmarch


19th Annual Senior Winter Party

The 19th Annual Senior Winter Party was described as the “Party of the Year” by one of today’s seniors in attendance. The local business community comes together to provide an afternoon of refreshments, bingo, prizes, music and even some dancing. Serving refreshments and passing out prizes at this event is something I enjoy year after year. It always reminds me how fortunate Crawford County is to have the community support to create such a successful …


Crawford County Law Enforcement

As State’s Attorney in Crawford County, I work with law enforcement officers on a daily basis. It is a difficult job with late nights where they put their lives at risk to protect our community. I would like to thank all law enforcement officers for their hard work and dedication. My family prays for your safety and well-being today, on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, and every day.


Yard Signs

We are 10 weeks away from the election and yard signs will be going out soon. We would appreciate your support by letting us place a sign in your yard. If you live in any of the 12 counties in the 2nd judicial circuit (map included below) and would be willing to allow us to place a sign in your yard, please comment below or PM us. Thank you in advance, something so simple is …


Southern Illinois Republican Meeting

We enjoyed visiting with Samuel Thomas, the White County Republican Chairman at tonight’s Southern Illinois Republican meeting. Also, Mike and Valinda Rowe of White County and Illinois Conceal Carry. Thank you, Mike and Valinda, for continuing to fight for our 2nd amendment rights. Mary Miller, U.S. Congressional Candidate, was also in attendance, sharing the importance of conservative voices in Washington. 11 weeks until the Primary Election. Let’s be ready friends! #mattinmarch

Vote Matthew Hartrich for Circuit Judge

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Matthew Hartrich is a Republican candidate for At Large Circuit Judge in the Second Judicial Circuit of Illinois. He would appreciate your vote on March 17, 2020