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wayne city bean days

Wayne City Bean Days

Wayne City Bean Days started our day off with a great surprise! We had no idea that my sister-in-law, currently stationed in Tampa, would be joining us this weekend until we arrived in Wayne City and she was there! Thank you to the people of Wayne City for welcoming us and to all those that joined us this morning, especially my sister-in-law.

marathon community day

Marathon Community Day

Marathon Community Day was a great reminder of what a blessing Marathon is to our community and the nation. The Crawford County Marathon location employs approximately 700 employees regularly. They also employ up to 2,000 additional contracted employees depending on their current project needs. Thank you, Marathon for continuing to improve our community. We are thankful for you.  

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Celebrations

Today we celebrate the 96th Birthday of former state representative Roscoe Cunningham and his twin sister Ruth. What a great turnout they had to celebrate with these twins today in Lawrence County. Happy 96th birthday Roscoe and Ruth!  

fairfield fall festival

51st Annual Fairfield Fall Festival

The 51st Annual Fairfield Fall Festival proved so much fun Friday that we went back to spend the day and evening with them on Saturday. We started with the Masonic Lodge breakfast and continued at the Republican Booth where we were impressed by the support shown. The Republican booth was full of excitement as people expressed their desire for conservative values. I am excited to be a conservative choice. It was proven tonight that Fairfield …

lawrenceville fall festival

Lawrenceville Fall Festival

Petitions were signed and hands were shaken. We had a great time at the Lawrenceville Fall Festival this evening.   My wife Lisa is a graduate of Lawrenceville High School and enjoyed seeing her classmates. Thank you Lawrence County. We’ll be back soon.

cocos shout out fire truck

Coco’s Lawrenceville

Shout out to Coco’s in Lawrenceville tonight. 50% of all proceeds this evening go to Lawrence County First Responders AND First Responders eat free. Thank you Coco’s for showing your appreciation to our First Responders.

autism awareness

Crawford County Autism Awareness

There was a very informative training on “Sensory Needs, Behaviors and IEPs” this evening. Hosted by Crawford County Autism Awareness and Family Matters. Over 50 people were in attendance to learn and support one another. I am proud of this group and all of their efforts to bring acceptance and awareness.

McLeansboro Fall Festival Group Photo

McLeansboro Fall Festival

The McLeansboro Fall Festival was a great success!! Tons of people lined the sidewalks for the parade. What a pleasure to meet so many from Hamilton and surrounding counties. We visited with State Representative Patrick Windhorst. We enjoyed dinner from the Christian Chapel Church while we listened to live music fill the streets. I would say Lisa had a pretty good birthday today. Happy birthday, Lisa!

sumner fall fest group photo

Sumner Fall Festival

The Sumner Fall Festival in Lawrence County was full of new and familiar faces. I always appreciate when a community comes together to celebrate. I also appreciate the opportunity to have lunch at the local Hoagie House. Where else can you get a sandwich like that?! Thank you Lawrence County for having us! We’ll be back soon!

Matthew Hartrich For Judge and Lisa Hartrich With Ballot Signature Forms

Collecting Signatures

Today is the first day to collect signatures to obtain your place on the ballot. When you run for office, you’re required to collect a minimum number of signatures depending on the office for which you are running. My goal is to collect 1,000 signatures. My wife Lisa was excited to hit the pavement collecting signatures this afternoon. Thank you to all of you that have already signed. We appreciate you! We’ll continue collecting signatures …

Vote Matthew Hartrich for Circuit Judge

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Matthew Hartrich is a Republican candidate for At Large Circuit Judge in the Second Judicial Circuit of Illinois. He would appreciate your vote on March 17, 2020